FAQ - Questions regarding your holidays

Here you can find the questions we are asked frequently by our guests.  

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The crucial question: How expensive is Sardinia?

There are many rumors. Possibly the Costa Smeralda is to blaim for that. There it is true that a holiday home can cost € 30,000 (and more!) for just a week. Anyway, it is entirely different in the "normal" Sardinia. Our cottages are available from 40 € per day! Complete for 4 people!

Travelers, who book in Sardafit country, will also perceive the cost of living as pleasant. They are - not typical for beach resorts - not much different than at home in England (at the Sardinian discounter Eurospin you save even more money).


Our beach resorts are much cheaper than comparable beach resorts in England and elsewhere.

Money saving tips: Our guests (and only these) may receive a lunch menu for just 12 € in Budoni. This consists of 3 courses, wine and water (The offer applies till 7:30 PM. The restaurant is easily accessible from the beach by foot).

General Security: Why to book SARDAFIT?

An issue that often is not taken seriously enough. And then the nasty surprise: You book somewhere a really great holiday home, pay for it and look forward to a well-deserved vacation. The big disappointment begins on side. No holidays, no landlord, plus the money is also lost! Or: Nothing is consistent with what you have posted. Therefore: Check who you entrust your holiday dreams!

As guest judge our website, you can read in this assessment.

References: Many years of experience in the vacation home rental. In Europe there are many satisfied guests who have left us on Holidayckeck hundreds of positive reviews.

Reputable Partner: Our agency in Germany is a member of the industry association for travel agents and tour operators (ASR). This association takes companies only as members if there are reputable partners.

Arrival and departure: Which days of the week are suitable?

SARDAFIT make your planning easy!

You can arrive at any day of the week, just as you'd like! To arrive on a Friday and select the Wednesday as departure is possible with SARDAFIT, if your booking request fits in the availability calendar and is accepted by the landlord.

Your booking always fits in the availability calendar if it causes no empty days. Please read the keyword "empty days"!

The rent is calculated only on the number of nights. You do not have to book full weeks.

Please note: on arrival day you can exploit your home from 4.30 PM. On departure day you should leave the house until 10.00 AM. But you can arrange deviating times by booking a day more on the arrival or departure day.

Payment: When do I pay the rent?

The Payment usually takes place in two installments:

The deposit of 33% you pay in the first 14 days after booking, but no earlier than in January of the booking year.

The remaining rent must be paid 1 month before the holiday begins. The exact date is on the booking confirmation.

Short-term bookings: if less than 30 days before arrival, you pay the total rent immediately after booking confirmation

Centro Servizi Tartaruga: How do I contact the local service center?

You must speak neither Italian nor Sardinian: Our service staff speaks English

Centro Servizi Tartaruga
V. Nazionale 168 
I-08020 Budoni

Phone +39 0784 844173
Fax +39 0784 844506
E-Mail: mail@cstartaruga.org

Special wishes: What could be and what does it cost?

Italian linens, including towels € 20 / person

Bed for children € 13 / week

Baby chair € 6 / week

Cleaning lady 15 € / hour

Propane heater for the cold season € 2 / day (without propane bottle)

Heaters 6 - 10 € (depending on size)/ day (including electricity)


Do you have other requests? Like a transfer from the airport to your holiday home? Ore a good Rental Car deals? Ore…

Just ask us!

What is possible will be arranged! Please note: Services of other will be paid on side direct to the provider.

Are pets welcome?

In most vacation homes pets are allowed. These houses you can recognize by the icon with a dog. Checks on entry and exit are extremely rare. If there is a check: a vaccination certificate with rabies vaccination and the identity chip is suffice. However, at large beaches in Italy are almost everywhere no dogs are allowed. The smaller beaches are not subject to these rules and are a true paradise for dogs.

Help: Who can help me on the spot if something happens?

Taking care of our guests sets us apart from others!

You neither must speak Italian or Sardinian: Our service staffs speak English. Our service office is open daily for you and provides a good point of contact for all questions and issues. Whatever happens: we will do everything to help them. For emergencies, there is an emergency number through which you can get help day and night.

Booking with empty days

To avoid empty days most travel agent set a specific weekday as fixed arrival and departure day. Because this is often bad for your personal travel planning, SARDAFIT presupposes no fixed arrival days. Nevertheless, empty days should be avoided. In the off season are empty days rarely a problem. In the high season they are not accepted: because of the high demand it is possible to rent out on all days. In order to get your booking sure confirmed, please try to avoid empty days.

Security deposit: How does it work?

Please hand over the security deposit of GBP 150 or EUR 200 at the service center in Budoni. You will receive it back at the day of your departure.

Charges: What is calculated in addition to the rent?

Additional costs for the consumption of water, propane and electricity are calculated according to the number of residents: adults, children and pets pay 1 € per day.

The final cleaning is at least 60 € per apartment and vacation period. Alternatively, the cleaning can be done by the guest.

The terms and conditions can be found here.

Insurance: What do I really need?

Breach of warranty

This insurance will be negotiated by Sardafit and does not cost you a cent; because it is the legally required insurance, which protects your rent payments against abuse and insolvency.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

If you cannot start your journey, e.g. due to illness, this important insurance protects you against the cancellation fees.

For questions to other insurances please contact you insurance agent.