Our beaches

files/sardafit/diverses/Kroeten/kroete_kind_ins_wasser.gif... and our houses in Sardinia please the guests since over 30 years! Not without reasons the island Sardinia is also called "The Carribean in the Mediterranean". Seldom you can find water such blue, beaches such white and nature such pristine. With Sardafit you can rent houses directly (!) at the beach but also some romantic, flower-covered shepherds cottage. You want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

  • Budoni's sandy beach

    ... belongs to the best beaches that this island rich with beautiful beaches has to offer. Who likes the short walk to the beach and wants to use the car as seldom as possible, who likes to eat (and drink) in a comfortable taverna at the beach with sea view and who wants to walk into the city by feet will find his personal paradise here. The gently dipping sandy beach is suitable for families with children of any age. The sea is good-natured, free of dangerous currents and other threats. Sailors and surfers will love it at much as children with rubber boats.

  • Budoni's hinterland

    ... presents itself as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Despite you are feeling far away from the touristic chaos the fulfillment of all wishes guests have commonly is only a stone's throw away. Who loves it independent and wants to feel the true Sardinia is completely right here. Our holiday homes in the hinterland are a warrantor to experience all this comfortable, relaxing and with a breath-taking panorama. And also the children will be happy, as some of the houses have swimming pools.

  • Budoni Baia S´Anna

    ...especially attracts divers and snorkelers. The reason is the idyllic coast, in which different types of beaches complement each other nicely. There is hardly any traffic, but a lot of nature.  School children will find a magnificent, natural adventure playground! In addition, there are public tennis courts and lavishly beautiful gardens with typical Mediterranean vegetation. All this - with the sea in the background - enjoys the guest from the terrace of his house, because almost all houses have sea views, some with a stunning one...

  • Budoni's forest beach

    ... has other, but not minor, attractions compared to the main beach of Budoni: Situated in front of an extremely dense pine forest it shows an unspoiled nature reminding the island of Robinson Crusoe. Looking from the beach you can see near to zero holiday homes as they are concealed by the forest. The beach is not that gently dipping and not everywhere fine grained. It is appreciated especially by lovers of the nature and snorkelers. Due to the tipical undersea flora there is sometimes sea weed.

  • San Giovanni

    S. Giovanni is the south part of the township Posada and is neighbour to the small fishing port and marina of La Caletta. Our holiday homes at this amazing sandy beach are all very close to the beach, some are directly at the sea. It is possible to reach La Calattea and its perfect infrastructure by foot from the most of our houses (great for holidays without car!).

  • Posada

    … is one of the few cities rich with history at the east coast. A mighty castle protected the farmers of this fertile lowlands from the attacks of Saracens and pirates during the Middle Ages. Today oranges, vine, fruits and vegetables are produced here by small farms. The sand-bay in front of it is similar to the sandy beach of Budoni. San Giovanno has holiday homes very close to the beach and within walking distance to the fishing port and marina of La Caletta.

  • Budoni marina Ottiolu

    ... Represents Budonis glamorous side. It was here 30 years ago, only 10 houses, today it has become several hundred, spread around the marina and adorn the tops of the mountains beyond. It is a very special atmosphere to watch the harbor during the dinners or when visiting a bar. Our homes have a perfect distance to the harbor, so that you can watch everything undisturbed.


  • Capo Comino

    ... Is known for its high snow-white dunes and pristine nature: In the north, an endlessly long pine forest limits the bay, to the south is a large nature reserve. A holiday area for nature lovers, but also for hikers and for riders who can enjoyed guided rides through the nature reserve.

  • Cala Liberotto

    .. is a real secret recommendation and consists of small picturesque sandy beaches separated by rocky coast. The cottages are hidden in the pine forest on the coast some of them have direct beach access.

  • Orosei and Irgoli

    Both towns are located some distance from the sea and typical Sardinian. If you like no tourism and want to experience Sardinian hospitality, you're at the right place here.

  • Orosei and Irgoli

    Both towns are located some distance from the sea and typical Sardinian. If you like no tourism and want to experience Sardinian hospitality, you're at the right place here.

  • Osalla

    In Osalla ends the fertile plain of Orosei. Before Macchia, mountains and perhaps the most beautiful cliffs of the Mediterranean begins, you'll find a beautiful, uncrowded sandy beach.

  • San Teodoro

    The busy famous beach of La Cinta with the underlying lagoon and its flamingo populations we rather recommend to the younger generation. It is the right place for those who want a lively holiday.

  • Porto Rotondo

    ... And the glamorous Costa Smeralda were the driving force for the development of tourism in Sardinia. In addition to the glamor of the Emerald Coast has another side, and you can find it here: cottages of the "natives" in beautiful locations at an affordable price!

    Everything, nature, landscape, beaches and sea can here only be described with superlatives.